Ramim debuted in 2010-11 to resounding success. This extraordinary global platform partners professionals in Rochester with those in Modi’in, Israel, our Partnership2Gether community. Participants share ideas, strengths, challenges and models of success; empowering BOTH communities. Built into the program are opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual growth.

The Details

Embark on a dynamic global partnership with a select group of mid-career Rochester professionals.* 

Delve into Judaism... religious practices, ethnicity, politics and culture. Explore visions for leadership. Travel to each other’s communities, sharing ideas, strengths and challenges that develop you Personally, professionally and spiritually.

Change yourselves, your communities...your world.


*around 30-50 years old

Download information about Ramim 4. To learn more or ask questions, contact Judy Abelman.





Check out the impact of Ramim on video. Rochester's Neal Morchower talks about his partnership with Yair Zadok, of Modi'in.