Do you have t-shirts that you’re not wearing? Through Project 1Z, Sherut (“shay root”) of the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester is collecting t-shirts to be stitched into onesies for babies in Africa. The onesies will be included as part of a welcome kit for new mothers in Kenya, encouraging them to give birth in hospitals instead of at home, significantly reducing maternal and infant death.


"Operation 1Z" is a joint effort between Sherut and Operation Karibu. According to Dr. Moka Lantum, public health expert and founder of Operation Karibu, “despite the accessibility of hospitals and their clear-cut advantages over home births, women are often too proud or ashamed to visit a hospital -- feeling they're not suitably dressed or they don't belong there socially.” As a consequence, up to 1,000 mothers and 10,000 children die per every 100,000 deliveries.


The onesies will be the centerpiece of a "Mama Kit" to encourage the mothers, some as young as 15, to utilize the hospitals. 

New or used cotton t-shirts, any size or color, may be dropped off for donation at the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester, 441 East Avenue or Operation Karibu at Sheridan Movers, 1350 University Ave. 

Special thank you to Sheridan Movers for donating space to store the t-shirts. 


Contact the Jewish Federation, 461-0490, for further information.