Why a Woman's Gift?


Why? because...

  • When you give a gift in your own name you demonstrate the importance of tzedakah and tikkun olam to you.
  • Because you take your place in the long line of women who have carried on this fundamental Jewish tradition.
  • Because you inspire others to translate their Jewish caring into giving that makes a difference.
  • Because women's giving demonstrates that woman are knowledgeable philanthropists who understand how to exercise their power to make a difference through giving.
  • Because it demonstrates women's dedication to and acceptance of responsibility for the needs of the global Jewish community.
  • Because women's giving is fiscal evidence of the influence women exert as full partners and decision makers in the family, the community, and the Jewish people. This is the "Century of Women" American women control 50% of our nation's wealth. We hold the purse strings!
  • Because the Jewish Federation unlike any other non-profit organization asks all of us to be counted. By being counted, each of us increases our credibility and power as leaders and policy makers. Politically it is so important that each of us is counted and it is the Federation that is able to do that!

By giving as individuals, woman can proudly stand up and truly be counted!!!

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