During challenging times, it's especially important to remember the joys that are with us in the ordinary and the extraordinary moments of our lives.


That awareness led us to launch the Best Jewish Moment Project in the fall of 2014. We kicked it off at our 2015 Campaign opening event with special guest actor Josh Malina, who eagerly added his own brief video (scroll below) to the mix.



Each of us has our own story.  But certain themes arise and they reflect exactly what the Jewish Federation is all about - taking care of each other, family, pride in our peoplehood, traditions, love of Israel... Watch and listen and feel the joy!

Here are a few samples of Best Jewish Moments.


Find our entire library to date here.


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"My Mishpocha"

It's all in the family. Kathy Palokoff shared her Jewish joy as a sister, daughter and mother.

"It's All Rite"

We kicked off BJM at our 2015 Campaign opener featuring actor Josh Malina. Josh participated!

"Just for Laughs"

Aaron Rosen and Abby Laufler share their secret handshake. Shh!

"Clal Yisrael"

According to Michal Zweig, peoplehood is all about the parve cookies.

"I'm not Jewish but..."

George Conboy had a Best Jewish Moment as an honorary member of the tribe.

"Eretz Yisrael"

Rochelle Gutkin remembers the first time she set foot in the land of Israel.